lunes, 16 de septiembre de 2013

Knowing me, knowing you

Well, you've already been together for over three years and you think you know each other very well (we'll check that later) But, how much do you know about your new teacher?
To start with, you can take the following TEST and try to guess the right answers without asking anybody. Just follow your nose. Then I will tell you about myself and you could ask me questions, discuss and check the answers.
Good luck!!

Now, watch this video and check your answers:

And, what about you. Do you want to tell us something about your life, your family, hobbies...?
We won't ask you to record yourselves on video (yet :-) but we do want to know and to hear about you. So, we look forward to reading your letters and listening to your voice.
We have already talked about what to do, we've written drafts, have rehearsed our 'speeches' and everything is ready to show the world our work.
And... here is what we have so far:
Here are some letters you have sent me:

And here are the recordings

1. José Carlos Tortosa

2. Jesús Moreno

3. Pedro Casado

4. Laura López

5. Paula Rodríguez

6. Álvaro Alaminos

7. Alexis Sánchez